Tap into India’s investment-friendly business environment and flexible Government policies by leveraging informed advice and guidance from MNCO.


Consult with our experts on setting up business anywhere in India through the liberalized FDI route. MNCO’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) consultancy encompasses 360° advisory services on guidelines, laws, approvals and compliance, FDI approval routes, sectoral caps, formation of new business entities, and advice on joint ventures, acquisitions, investments or financial collaborations. MNCO is focused on providing optimum support to clients, helping them make informed investment decisions.


MNCO is equipped to advise and assist potential investors with procedural formalities required for investments including documentation, submissions, approvals, reporting and more. Ongoing support is provided in the form of filing regular returns with the RBI, consulting on transactions between foreign parent and Indian entity, repatriation, permissions and restrictions, compliance and taxation rules among many others.


MNCO can add value to the due diligence process required to be conducted prior to and post, any investment in any buy/sell situation by creating the framework for proper assessment of the target business entity, allowing investors to leverage new business opportunities, minimize potential financial and legal risks, and make informed decisions based on credible information gathered during the engagement. The process will focus on analyzing financial, commercial and tax information, reviewing compliance systems, and assessing and validating accounting practices.


MNCO will advise the client on the feasibility of the proposed business concept by preparing a project report encompassing an assessment of the industry and market, analysis of existing competition, financial projections, identification of joint venture and technology partners, evaluation of the proposed location, processes for business set-up and operations, and regulatory compliance requirements. Conducted at the ideation stage, this study will assist the client in understanding the feasibility of the proposed business before any significant investment is made.


An optimal share valuation process is one that combines quantitative information about a company’s shares with qualitative analysis of the market, business outlook, macroeconomic scenario, regulatory and compliance environment and competitor ecosystem. MNCO’s share valuation service is based on established standards, industry best practice and a practical appreciation of market dynamics.


Business entities are required to obtain necessary certifications from their auditors, under various laws and compliance rules. Certifications are issued for the business’ financial statements, maintenance of statutory records under company law, claims for exemptions and deductions, foreign remittances, loans and grants, among many more. MNCO follows ethical practices for various certifications, with due respect to relevant laws and the client’s interests.

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