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A critical part of management audits related to the planning and control of costs, this process examines the systems and controls in place, assesses them for performance, and identifies weaknesses, if any to improve management efficiencies. MNCO’s expertise will help overcome inherent shortcomings in this functional area and contribute to better decision-making at the management level. Key elements of this process include building a structured cost implementation plan, developing a team of in-house cost professionals with accountability for the cost management program, and ensuring continuous skills improvement of this team for the long-term success of the plan.


MNCO’s comprehensive offering encompasses the design, implementation and review of costing and accounting services, in alignment with the client’s business objectives. To this end, MNCO combines their considerable cross-industry expertise with proven processes, robust technologies and best practice to provide custom costing and accounting solutions that are focused on accuracy and transparency while ensuring adequate internal controls are in place to facilitate compliance with statutory requirements.


A Management Information System (MIS) is an automated system that gathers, stores and distributes data relevant to the management operations of an organization to support decision-making at all levels. Quality improvement is the primary objective of an MIS review, which encompasses an analysis of the nature of information collected, how it is collected, and how it can be used effectively. An MIS review by MNCO aims to provide more clarity on the different ways information is collected by the system, who uses this information, what information is available or isn’t, and the accuracy of this information among other considerations via a thorough assessment of the client’s information management processes.


Defined as a complete review of an organization’s information systems, an EDP audit aims to preserve the integrity of the computerized environment by determining potential risk exposure, scrutinizing data for errors, and ensuring sufficient safeguards and controls are in place to prevent fraud. An EDP audit by MNCO would typically verify the accuracy of data entered into the information system and ensure due processes were followed when entering the data, with compliance tests additionally confirming the correct functioning of internal controls. A detailed report will be prepared for the client with audit findings and recommendations for improvement, if any.

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