Tailored domain solutions from hospitality projects and real estate to small biz and education: Leverage MNCO’s industry-focused accounting services delivered by a team of professionals with specialized domain expertise, catering to clients ranging from owner-managed businesses to multinationals.


The booming business travel and leisure tourism industry has triggered a spate of new hotel projects worldwide with both established names as well as new players tapping into the immense opportunities presented by the hospitality sector. Given the huge investments involved, it’s important for hotel promoters and developers to keep costs under control by adopting best practice in project accounting. By outsourcing your hospitality project accounting to MNCO, you get the assurance of a technology-savvy dedicated team that will monitor and manage your budget and expenses throughout the lifecycle of the development while you focus on your core competency of getting your hotel off the ground.


Leverage the expertise of a dedicated team of accounting and finance experts to manage the entire gamut of accounting, tax and audit services that will help your business stay compliant and your operations maintain cost control. From standalone restaurants, cafes, pubs and caterers to multi-property hotel chains, MNCO’s hospitality accounting services are delivered based on a complete understanding of the complexities and uniqueness of the food service and accommodation industry.


Manpower will always be a challenge for small business owners; it’s not unusual for business owners and their employees to multitask and maximize the use of available resources. However, it’s also an opportunity to be resourceful by outsourcing non-core business functions to professional service providers. Small business owners can, for instance, outsource their finance and accounting operations such as general bookkeeping, accounts payable/ receivable, tax preparation, payroll, financial reporting, accounts reconciliation and audits among many more, helping optimize the use of their in-house resource pool in more value-added tasks. Small business owners involved in Architecture, Construction, Financial Services, Franchises, Real Estate, Travel, Retail and Start-ups can utilize MNCO’s expertise to remain up-to-date and compliant with their internal accounting and tax matters while benefitting from the assurance of accuracy, reliable and timely advice, flexibility to scale to dynamic requirements, and cost savings.


MNCO can tailor accounting and taxation services to fit the unique needs of a specialized field such as healthcare. Medical and dental practitioners can now focus on the professional side of their practices and their patients’ wellbeing, while MNCO’s expert team attends to the financial aspects of the operation, complete with industry-specific accounting solutions, patient billing, payroll, overheads, and tax planning advice.


Transport and logistics operations demand round-the-clock attention with business owners constantly under pressure to meet delivery deadlines while being mindful of costs, compliance and safety. With MNCO’s customized financial and accounting services for the transportation and logistics industry, business owners can introduce greater efficiency into their operations. MNCO’s services portfolio encompasses everything from traditional bookkeeping, payroll, vehicle depreciation, tax planning and auditing, to financial reporting and compliance.


Accounting firms can optimize the use of their in-house resources by assigning them high value consulting work and outsourcing the relatively low value but time-intensive compliance work. CPA firms can avoid the pitfalls of short-term hiring or running the risk of overworking their staff during seasonal peaks by simply handing over data intensive work to an offshoring team. Better work efficiencies, opportunity to take on more clients, confidence of having an offshore team that has your back throughout the year with the flexibility to scale up or down based on your work volume, and quick turnaround on assigned work are some of the advantages of working with MNCO.


Get the advantage of MNCO’s professional expertise for your business’ financial, accounting and taxation requirements. Benefit from customized services tailored specifically for your business or industry, supported by dedicated teams that have your back throughout the year.

Mitigate cost, time, quality and compliance risks by partnering with MNCO