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Business organizations operating in India are liable to pay taxes both at the central and state levels of government, and individuals have to pay their direct taxes to the central government. Tax laws can often be complicated and requires specialized assistance. MNCO manages all aspects of the taxation process such as tax planning, tax filing and tax auditing for corporate and business entities as well as personal taxation for individuals, also providing timely expert advice and support to ensure compliance under tax laws.


Nationals of other countries living in India are liable to pay taxes on income earned for services rendered while in residence in the country. Expatriates must pay income tax regardless of the region they receive their remuneration from, for services rendered in India as per the Indian Income Tax Act. MNCO assists expatriates through the various aspects of tax computation from obtaining PAN to filing tax returns in a timely and accurate manner.


International taxation refers to the management of taxation on commercial activities conducted by a business in another country, particularly to taxes applicable under tax laws internationally. Business organizations have to deal with many territorial tax laws and treaties to ascertain their income generated outside the country. MNCO has proven abilities in handling all pertinent matters of International Taxation on behalf of their clients with a team of chartered accountants who have specialized knowledge and proven expertise in this field.


The need for detailed research, analysis and strategic planning is essential for a business entity to understand the markets and business climate, both at the macro and micro level of any regional location and especially so when dealing with markets outside the country. MNCO, with its extensive and deep understanding of various marketplaces internationally, addresses these needs and equips their clients with accurate financial insights to build a strong and vibrant business enterprise.


Transfer pricing regulations apply to all transactions between business entities operating in different countries. Managing the transfer pricing process involves in-depth documentation of all details elucidating the price and costing of the said transactions, so as to avoid any future legal complications. MNCO enables their clients to conduct business in an honest and transparent manner by providing advisory and support services in International Taxation and Transfer Pricing practices including training employees in handling such transactions and documentation.


The risk of litigation during the lifetime of a business can be expected in the various interactions it has with government, financial institutions, other businesses and consumers. MNCO helps clients mitigate the risk of legal hassles against their business with in-house specialists managing all aspects of financial disputes, including matters concerning financial regulations, compliance and fraud.


An Advance Pricing Agreement is an agreement between the tax authority and the taxpayer, to ascertain the transfer pricing methodology of the taxpayer’s international transactions in the future, depending on predetermined stipulations for a prearranged time period. This agreement is beneficial to both the taxpayer as well as the tax authority as it introduces certainty in tax liability, simplified administrative procedures and risk reduction. MNCO provides expert consultation and executional support to their clients with in-depth knowledge based on proven experience.

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