Transition to Xero effortlessly minus disruptions, and take your accounts to the Cloud.


MNCO offers outsourced cloud based accounting solutions for small and medium businesses looking to migrate from their current accounting software to the cloud through Xero, a premier cloud based accounting software.


Cloud accounting is a welcome change in accounting practices. Xero allows accountants seamless access and data availability anytime and anywhere through the cloud. Small and medium businesses can benefit from Xero with features such as a single ledger connected to multiple users allowing for real-time updates, the ‘attach and share’ facility, as well as tools that enable comparisons and reporting.


Xero simplifies the invoicing process with a host of useful features. Users can receive payments online, check status of debtors, personalize invoices, attach files to invoices, get updated when customers open invoices, and streamline invoicing processes with automatic recurring invoices and bill payments that enable a business to function much more efficiently.


The My Management Accountant feature of Xero allows small and medium businesses to communicate with their accountants and understand the current and future financial status of the organization.


The Management Report consists of standard Xero reports including Executive Summary, Cash Summary, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Aged Receivables and Aged Payables.


Efficient control of business credit is the difference between successful organizations and those that struggle to survive. With Xero a business is updated on all aspects of credit including prompt invoice generation and follow-up on payments.

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